Boredom Breakers Box

We do the prep; you have the fun!

Boredom Breakers is a subscription box with a craft and activity box for kids ages 2-6 created by a Professional Educator with a BA in Art Education

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Boredom Breakers Box

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  • 104 Activities Per Year

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Each season of the year, we release a box containing two projects (one craft and one activity) for each week of that season. That’s nearly 30 crafts and activities to keep the kiddos in your life busy, engaged, and learning. Discover a new theme each week.

The Boredom Breakers Box can be pulled off the shelf anytime a kiddo needs something to do, or it can be used as a weekly curriculum for parents, caregivers, or nannies. Each craft and activity comes with instructions and all the materials you need.

Get ready to start creating and learning!

What's in the box?

Our box comes with enough activities to do one activity and one craft per week.

There’s one box for each season of the year Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. So depending on the length of each season, that’s a total of 24-28 crafts and activities to keep your kiddos busy!

You will receive all the crafts and activities in one big box and can pull them out whenever the kiddo in your life needs something to do! Each craft and activity is individually packaged with instructions and all the materials you’ll need aside from essentials*.

Our instructions include a fun fact about the theme as well as modifications that can make the activity simpler or more complex depending on the needs of the child in your life. Our basic box is suitable for one child. Materials for additional children can be added for $15 each.

*Essentials include crayons, markers, scissors, paint brushes, white glue, glue sticks, and a hot glue gun and glue sticks. You can use your own or purchase these in our Essentials Box!


Our Story

Hey there!

My name is Seth Day and I’m the creator of The Boredom Breakers Box! I’m a Professional Nanny with a BA in Art Education and over 10 years experience working in the childcare world!

As a nanny, I prepare daily activities for the kiddos in my care. I’ve always loved lesson planning, so each week has a different theme so we’re always learning something new!

The kids I nanny love the activities so much, they even ask their parents for activities on weekends! As a nanny working with busy parents, I know first hand parents have little to no time to research and prepare activities for their kiddos, so I thought I would use my skills to help with that. I do the research, planning, and prep, and you just pull a bag out and have fun!

I teamed up with my talented wife Catherine Gilbert who took charge of the logo, web design, and graphic design. 

We do the prep; you have the fun!

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